Why to settle for less when you can have more!

When it comes to money, why should you settle for less when you can have more? The more, the merrier!

Money is a great word. It provokes our emotions but we often refuse to talk about it. Like sex and religion, why are we always ashamed of talking about money? Now we all have financial aspirations and the only way to achieve those goals is through money. Then why be ashamed? So this series of posts, I will try to talk about money and ways to achieve more so that we can enhance and fulfill our financial goals. There is nothing wrong in being rich!

To quote Jordan Belfort: “I have been rich and I have been poor. But I chose rich every time”. (Yes! Thinking about Wolf of the Wall Street?)

So the question I would like to ask is why to settle for a hatchback when you can have an expensive sedan. We all need a car, you know, to drop off kids at play, to go to office and sometimes just to go on a nice quiet drive after a busy long day. It’s always good to have goals for a better life, for a better future. Goals are what that drives us and motivate us. Now just to be sure, I am not talking about taking excessive loans, shedding more money than you could afford to expend. That’s bad financial discipline. All I am saying is you could do better with the same amount of money but through smarter investing.

When I was 21, I realized that the only way I will have enough money to fulfill my financial goals in the future (a car, a house) is to save and invest early. Our parents usually keep on telling us about the same, but we don’t generally heed advice from our parents at that age. I asked a few people who suggested bank deposits, but I was not satisfied by a mere 7% return when I knew that I could do better. Now being a finance buff, I thought that I will manage my own portfolio. But I was too busy at that time to actively manage it. So the best option I had was to invest in Mutual Funds. So where to invest was sorted, now how was the question? After thorough reading and substantial testing, I started investing with a method I like to call as Smart and Intelligent Investing (More about Intelligent Investing in the next post). I started investing Rs 12000 every month in a well-diversified portfolio of four mutual funds towards my new car fund. Now today after 5 years, when I compare the returns with deposits:


(Total Value comparison:  Rs 12000 invested every month from Jan’11 to Mar’16)

(The portfolio consists of four mutual funds, diversified across equity and debt as well as across different industry sectors and market capitalization)


Smart investing is a technique that wealthy investors follow. Investing isn’t a rocket science. Just selection of right assets to invest in, optimal diversification and disciplined regular investing will do wonders to your net worth.  So yes, you can get a nice sedan instead of a hatchback without putting a deeper hole in your pocket. And this is not just about a single goal; through early and proper planning for our financial goals and smarter investing we could all fulfil our aspirations and enhance our living standards.

In the next posts I will talk more about Mutual Funds and Intelligent Investing. Happy Investing!


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